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Default Re: Embry as Interim GM?

Originally Posted by hassano
he has failed the organization as some points during his tenure, however he has set up the team to rebuild with some really nice moves and is still capable of turning it around. people need to remember this is the same guy who came from Phoenix, nothings changed... his first overall pick didnt pan out (can't blame him for the pick, can for sticking with Bargs for so long) and his only all-star left him.

i dunno about you guys but IMO id be ok with keeping BC to give him another shot at rebuilding, its certainly much easier now with more young talent than he had when he first got here.

I think we were in a much better position at the point BC took over than we are now. We had a young All-Star, the number 1 pick, a far better coach, a good cheap point guard and lots of cap space.

It was a great situation, a great chance to start making the Raptors the major force they should be. Unfortunately, not one major move Colangelo has made since has been a success (unless, I suppose, you count the no-brainer picks in the last two drafts).

Something has indeed changed since he came from Phoenix. He has has 5 whole years of proving time, 5 years of decisions that were unquestionably his (I don't know how true it is but rumour always said his father was a/the major influence on much of what went on with the Suns). And in those 5 most recent, most relevant years of his career, he has proven to be a failure.

He didn't even realise that the pathetic roster we had at the start of this season needed to be blown up- he was genuinely aiming to continue to try for the playoffs with Bargnani and that gaggle of rejects. He did finally accept the inevitable midway through the season, but it's not as if he then managed to put together a roster bursting with youthful promise. Things look a bit brighter now with Davis and DeRozan, but they are the only really promising young players we have. And even they are more likely to max out as solid NBA starters rather than All-Stars. The large majority of NBA teams have more promising young players than the Raptors do.
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