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Default Re: Where does Manny Pacquiao rank all-time?

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
Think about it- it's pretty much definitive that Pac-Floyd won't happen in the Spring because Floyd skipped his court date and his arraignment was rescheduled to January 24 of next year (same day as Roger). So that means the trial will take up the Spring/Summer and if Floyd avoids jail time, the earliest he can fight would be Fall and he won't jump in the ring with Manny after being inactive for more than a year and 1/2 (won't jump in the ring with him in general ). He'll want a tune-up, so the earliest the fight could happen would be Spring of '12 when Floyd is 34, will have been very inactive, and no one will care at that point. Then you have to factor in the high probability that his trainer is serving time again and there's too many reasons why we won't see that fight next year or ever for that matter.

And Pacquiao/Williams=Pacquiao/Margarito=Pacquiao/DLH. Paul says he can make 147 still, so a 155-157 catchweight for the lineal MW crown should be no issue, especially since he's already fighting for it at 157. And if Sergio wins, there's another quality fight and opponent. He offered Manny/Floyd/Angulo a fight for his championship at 155 btw, so that wouldn't be an issue. There's really not many quality opponents or challenges left for Pac and Roach/Arum have both said they would wait to see how Manny does against the much bigger Margarito to decide if fighting Williams would be a good matchup. Tony's broken face and an easy night for Pac says they should go for more history.
Im not saying that they wouldnt fight at 155, im saying pac i dont think pac would. And he cant get it lower than that and still have it get him the 160 title.
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