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Default Re: Where does Manny Pacquiao rank all-time?

Originally Posted by Zombles
I view the all-time list as what the boxer accomplished, not necessarily who would beat who. I think some boxers today would beat Sugar Ray Robinson, the sweet science wasn't as advanced as it is today and the athleticism in the game is much higher. The Klitschko brothers would probably beat the shit out of Marciano but it doesn't mean they rank higher.

Leonard's a great fighter but I don't see how going 1-1 with a smaller Duran, beating Hearns, and getting a questionable decision over Hagler makes him better than Manny.

Doesn't push him down, every single person on everyone's list besides Marciano lost to at least one of their best contemporaries, usually lost quite a few times.

But Pac can only go so high without fighting his best contemporary. It'd be like Ali never fighting Foreman.

It's obvious you've never taken an extended look at the fighters I mentioned.

The idea of Klitschkos beating Marciano is absolutely laughable too.
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