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Default Re: Sofoklis Schortsanitis "Big Sofo" Went Ballistic On The Crowd In Israel

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
Spanoullis is not an NBA caliber player, he averaged 2.7ppg on 30% (18% from three) on garbage time and told his coach that he was the "Tmac of Euroleague" and the coach swiftly responded with "Well Tmac is Tmac here" and cut the whiny son of a bitch after 31 games. Honestly he was trash in the NBA, he tried and failed. Meanwhile NBA scrubs like Sonny Weems and Anthony Parker have gone over to Euroleague and etched themselves onto Euroleague's Mount Rushmore. So it's quite clear which league is superior.

Yeah, the Euroleague. Just like Rubio said it. Euroleague is much harder than the NBA is. He said it flat out. Of course the NBA and USA sports media has covered up those comments ever since he made them.
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