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Default Re: I.Y.O, the Most Offending/Contemptuous Insult

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Alright buddy, put your money where your mouth iz and post a pic/gym statz. I already have, and I'll leave the searching for you.

For the record, I don't have time to consume a school lunch (normally give my girl the "one-two" at this time", and I can flat out knock you on your cowardly commie azz in two secondz. Peacefully.

See that's where you're mistaken. I have no desire to prove myself on I don't even need to speak about myself in the third person. And I don't go to the gym neither, I'm from Detroit. I'll let you catch the inferred message in that statement.

And by your girl you mean that piece of rabbits fur you rub on your dick every night?
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