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Default Re: Quick point about the Broncos & Tebow

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
Just thought I'd mention it since no one else is. And that Tebow only has 16 career starts. But people want to judge him like he's a 7-year vet and like the Broncos are perennial Super Bowl contenders.

No one else is mentioning what? People have been talking about him waaay too much. He's been overglorified as booze stated. You haven't said anything that hasn't been said a thousand times.

I'm not even a Broncos fan, I just think it's funny some of the hate Tebow receives considering the turnaround he led his team to.

I'd say a lot of the hate stems from people acting like Tebow single-handedly won them all those games, or basically giving him too much credit. It's been Tebow this and Tebow that like the rest of his team doesn't exist or something.
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