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Default 7-Footers shooting 3s

I dont know why 7-footers make their living shooting 3s as if they were guards.That's why Okur got outscored by Yao and Duncan, I now ya'll probally gonna say that Utah still won the series but it wasnt because of Okur.

And that's why Dallas got knocked out of the first round, because Nowitzki was shooting Jays instead of working on the paint. After Dallas lost against Golden State Nowitzki said "We obviously needed an inside precense" ( That was a seven footer saying that) Dirk that was your job.

Why do you think trailblazers chose Oden over Durant. They're thinking big. Every championship team has had an inside precense and with Dallas not having one I wouldn't be surprised if they keep dreaming for a ring.
Championship teams had guys like: Bill Rusell, Wilt, Shaq, Kareem, Hakeem , Rasheed and Big Ben, Duncan, and later on Yao is going to be on the list.

Nowitski, Baragani, Yi, and Okur might extend the range but to they won't ever win a ring without an inside precense.
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