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Default Re: 7-Footers shooting 3s

Originally Posted by Brunch@Five
so you wouldn't have a problem with Dirk shooting 3's if he was 6'7, despite being a worse player?
Dirk is playing the way it suits him best, the way he can bring the best performance. That includes shooting the 3, because, frankly, he is one of the best outside shooters in the whole damn league.

I don't have a problem with Dirk. Like I said he can create mismatches and extend the range. My point is he is not the guy that can carry the load, he even admitted he needs an inside precense. Every team does. Just like they need someone to extend the range, which is what Dirk does. Dallas made a mistake when thinking that Dirk was the right guy to surround with role players. And lets not be dumb and take the bad 6-7 player over the good not great 7 footer.
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