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Default Re: Bargnani maybe out for season...

Originally Posted by kwajo
Bull****, I had an appendectomy when I was a kid and was back on the monkey bars in 7 days.

Anyway, best wishes to Andrea, he'd better be back for the playoffs.

And to Sam: this is not a valid excuse to play Joey Graham more. had a appendectomy WHEN YOU WERE A KID. Kids are very resilient and bounce back fast.

I had a appendectomy after suffering for a week, because my mother thought it was just a stomach virus (stupid b!tch, she was also a damn ER nurse).

Anyways she took me to a crappy hospital, they told me the damn thing would of ruptured if I showed up 15 minutes later. The Doctors were so stunned by the growth of my appendix, pictures were taken for high school health books all over Texas. The damn hospital "F"ed up and didn't even cut the whole thing out, so I developed a deadly infection after they sent me home and ended up on antibiotic IV's and sitting in the hospital for a month and a half.

Don't mean to go on a rant, but that was the most painful sh!t I went through in my life, I was practically eating my knees for a week, because all I could do was lay in the fetal position...............I laugh at b!tches that talk about child birth.

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