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Default Re: Hornets Trade Tyson Chandler to Thunder

Originally Posted by NOHCP3
I would like all of these people who are over reacting to this trade tell me what Tyson has done this season? He was out for almost 20 games with a sprained ankle. Im not saying that we got better but the bottom has not dropped out on this team. And those who are coming with all of these "When is CP going to demand to get traded GTFO, the guys dedicated to the team and the city . We will add more pieces around him.
To answer your question: it doesn't matter what TC has done so far this year. It was all about the playoffs. NOLA was trying the "win now" approach by adding Posey. Despite TC's issues, and the incredibly thin bench, at least he provided decent defense against the West's centers. His play on Duncan and Yao would have been key if they matched up in the playoffs. Again, while adding two average/solid PF's to the team gives them depth, neither Wilcox nor Smith are legit centers who can handle the west bigs in the playoffs.

I don't have an issue moving TC with the way he's played. What I do have an issue with is the sudden abandonment of the plan which results in no hopes for the playoffs and no sign of improvement in winning a ring. Not only that, but they still have a huge hole at center.
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