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Default Re: Odom is kind of a non presence....

Then came another twist of fate after another injury, and Odom was pushed back up to secondary importance.

He had 17 points and 11 rebounds in the Lakers' 104-92 loss Sunday to Houston, and seemed to lament the fact that he wasn't found more often in the post.

"Guys have got to recognize as a team what's working," he said. "Tonight, we didn't do that. Other teams notice. It just takes recognition as a team, from all the guys, to what's working and what's not."

Coach Phil Jackson suggested that Odom act more forcefully if he wants the ball more often.

"He's kind of a non-presence out there with a great deal of stats and does a terrific job on the boards," Jackson said. "But he's not the guy that goes out there and asserts himself in the offense and there are times when it's opportunistic. He just takes advantage of the things that come his way.",7003105.story
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