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Default Re: As seasons go by, 81 points will not be touched in modern day basketball.

Originally Posted by Nevaeh
Agreed. Players just aren't bred to stat pad like that on bad defensive teams these days.

Lol I swear some people just hate for no reason.

Bro, you didn't watch the game, so why even comment on this? You know how I know you didn't watch the game?

BECAUSE THE LAKERS WERE LOSING FOR THE MAJORTIY OF IT. Stat padding? No, more like brining his team back from being down double digits and having one of the hottest nights shooting in NBA history. What was he supposed to do pass to smush?

Don't bring your ignorant, biased opinion into a thread like this just to hate on a player.

Lol I love how people just dismiss an 81 point game by one player, without kobes 81 that night the Lakers lose by 40. The dude scored 81 points by himself, he outscored entire teams on that night by himself.

Blind hater
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