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Default Re: United Statesians: How Many Likes for our Female "Soldiers"

Originally Posted by knickballer
I don't give a **** who joins the military. Could be the village homo, the kid with asthma, a guy with one hand, the mentally handicap kid, etc, as long as it's not me!

I find it funny how there's such a big issue on who and who can't join the armed forces. Well Mr. Politican, if you don't approve of gay guys in the military be my guest and enroll
That's because you're a coward and a disgrace to all that is honorable. How you can exist knowing this is a mystery, but whatever floats your boat.

As far as gheys in the military, yeah put them in ghey squads and send them out first in every battle or operation, before the Marines and Regular Army. They'll either ass rape the enemy or be slaughtered either way win win situation.

Touching the subject of wimmenfolk "closing the gap" in strength and fitness LAUGHING MY F.SCK.HING AS$ OFF hahahahahahaha
Even the strongest of the bull dykes are still weaker than the average man when it comes to kill or be killed battlefield rules. Wimmin get raped because they are weak and depraved lustful predators take advantage of that fact. Always has been that way always will be that way.
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