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Default Re: What does Danny Ferry Resigning Mean?

Originally Posted by Meticode
Do you think this has anything to do with LeBron staying or leaving? Or do you think it was just a decision between him and Gilbert alone about him wanting to leave?

How will Grant do?

via BWindhurst
"This was about power," Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported on his Twitter page. "Ferry wanted same level as in 2005, with the stakes Gilbert didn't want to give it. So they parted ways."

Despite reports to the contrary, LeBron James didn't play a role in Ferry's decision to resign as general manager of the Cavaliers.

Cleveland fired head coach Mike Brown last month in the wake of the team's early exit from the playoffs.

"LeBron made aware of Ferry decision after it was made late Wed. High level sources: LeBron did not play a role in decision, he liked Ferry," wrote Windhorst.

Windhorst also reported that James had no comment when asked about Ferry's departure.

However, he and Gilbert were on opposite sides when it came to firing Brown. Gilbert held firm that there needed to be a change and Ferry eventually came around to agree with the decision. It was clear at that point, though, that Ferry no longer had total control of top basketball decisions. Fresh off that event, in talking about how major decisions in the future would be handled, it was clear that Ferry and Gilbert had a disconnect. That was the breakdown that is believed to have been the root of Ferry’s decision not to seek another contract. Especially with major decisions at hand like the next coach and how the Cavs might look to trade into the upcoming NBA Draft.

not sure how Grant will do, he apparently has ran the Cavs Drafts since 2005. we got some mixed picks in there, but i've got faith in him
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