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Default Re: Posterize's Pro Prospects

Jeff Teague, PG/SG, Wake Forest

One of the best pure scorers in the draft and can fill the bucket up in a hurry. Has great hops and loves to throw it down on top of his defender. Measured smaller than he would have hoped at the pre-draft measurements and that only points to how he'll have to learn the PG position even more. Tested very well in the max vert (we knew he had hops) and speed drills and showed off a great wingspan.

The big question everyone has about Teague has nothing to do with his talent, but his shoot-first mentality as a PG. At only about 6'1”, he has no choice but to play PG in the league but has plenty of work to do. I'd like to see him drafted by a team like Utah, New Orleans, or Dallas so he can learn behind a veteran PG who knows the position but it might be tough for top 20 teams to pass on his talent.

As for his skills his jump shot isn't bad, but he'll need to get more lift on it to shoot from NBA three point range. Right now his jumper lacks just that, a jump. It's more of a set, push shot than an actual jumper. There are advantages to this; 1) it keeps his legs fresh and 2) he's able to get his shot off rather quickly. He's good at “shaking” his defender with the dribble and then rising up for the shot, and the quick release allows him to get it off before his man can recover. His ball handling is very good, but he tends to become flashy and can become turnover prone especially because of his isolation play. Again, if he ever learns how to play the PG spot then his ball handling could be one of his biggest strengths. But if he continues to look for his own shot then his ball handling/isolation could give his coach plenty of headaches.

Defensively his size hurts him against bigger guards. For whatever reason Teague's speed doesn't translate to the defensive end and defenders are capable of blowing by him whenever they choose. He lacks the strength/size to guard guys 6'2”/190 and bigger and could become a target when he's on the floor. An extra 10 lbs on his frame could help some.

I see a lot of Lou Williams when watching Teague. They both have the same small frame, freak athletes, shoot-first for their size, ball handling, and the pull up jumper off the dribble from the top of the key is spot-on to Lou. Has the same ability to contort his body near the rim to get the shot off. Lou is another guy who has been in the process of being changed into a PG, and while it's improved it's far from a finished product. Fact is, it's hard to change a guy's position/mindset. If you're drafting Teague you're drafting him because he's a great scorer, why draft a guy who's a great scorer if you plan on turning him into a set up guy? Why not just draft a set up guy (like Darren Collison)?

Comparison: Lou Williams
Stock: 13-21
Best Fits: Indiana (13), Atlanta (19)
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