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Default Re: How the lottery results affect the Lakers

very valid points are being discussed here
I personally do feel the stock of Bynum has just been raised

my only problem? how much improvement he will make this is his contract year, so Lakers may trade him
the only reason I can be happy with the management
is that if the Lakers sign bynum to a 4+ year contract with 4 mil per season
IF we can keep the young Bynum at the cheap price
it will very well pay off in the future, as we will have the cap space while having a possible all star at a cheap price

now if he demands less year or more money?
I want a trade then, I want someone big because of Duncan and Oden in the West and we all saw how important big mans are in the playoff
just Duncan's block shot alone, has changed the outcome of many many games as tempting as it would be to get JKidd trading bynum, I might reconsider it depends on the deal
why? we need interior defense and good help defense. If we have good big man inside, they will make our peremiter defense look good, simply they have to alter their shot as they get in the lane. Which this is one thing that Bynum concerns me, he doesn't have a good help defense or 1 on 1 defense.

so our best bet is to go with a
Defensive Center (which is why I like Kwame)
6-10 or up True PF this may be our 2nd all star position

Big man concerns me more now that Oden is in the West
regarding the PG situation? I can see Farmar being a legit starter
altho a Veteran is much more prefered, we just don't have the cap.

Also please re-sign Mihm, he will be a legit Center coming off the bench

Have 4 Defensive stopper around Kobe Bryant, and we will be a chip contender
it's that simple.
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