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Originally Posted by OhNoTimNoSho

I Like the tips on the drums, thats nice. What kind of delay, like an instant one(a few ms)?

As far as the swag goes. The term swag gets thrown around a lot nowadays but I see very few people that truly understand it. Swag has existed for eons and its not really a thing you can quantify but rather something you feel. Its the same as charisma, when you do creative stuff you infuse it with your swag, you put your own personal feel into the creation. Ie... a sick drummer riding a groove with the perfect swing, mozart playin a piano, hendrix on guitar, jordan on the drive etc..... So what I'm saying is, I dont really know what it is, I can just feel it.

I can tell youre musically inclined and I like the ambient feel you got, if you got anymore I'd like to listen to it.

I know what swag is, I just wasn't sure how that applied to the music. My only guess was the drums I guess.

As far as the delay, I don't really have any specific advice, other than whatever feels good to you.

I usually just have it set on the preset delay that comes with Reason, I just add a little bit depending on how much I think its needed, its usually about 4-6 on the knob. It gives it that slight shuffle or groove, so instead of the beat going....

Boom- bap

It goes.....


Just a slight alteration depending on how you want your groove to go.

And thanks for the comment, here's a perfect example of my ambient style:

untitled 4.mp3 - 3.24MB

Well... maybe not the best example, but its a fusion of hip hop, prog rock-esque synths and ambient pads.

I have tons more that are slightly different, with some having a harder edge to them (this one is very soft and melodic), others have a prog rock feel (I'm a huge Floyd fan) with hard hitting boom bap drums.

And I also have non-drum, more instrumental based music better geared to the ambient crowd with a soundtrack feel to them (at times I do include drums) such as this:

saddrama.mp3 - 1.94MB

peace and enjoy!
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