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Default Re: Odom Wants to Play In Europe

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
So let me ask you then my experienced comrade, do you believe that players like Odom should be kept, even at the expense of a starting caliber point guard? If a "right" deal came along to satisfy our needs at this position, who would you be willing to give up? More importantly, who should the lakers target?

I certainly would have no problem dealing Odom if we can get a decent starting pg. I just dont know who we can get. We are not getting top tier pg's for him and I am opposed to trade him for the mid to low tier pg's. Its tough because he is not good enough to get us a real good pg, but he is too good to be dealt for the pg's that teams would be willing to give up for LO. A couple of pg's that I would like for the Lakers are Kyle Lowry and Jarrett Jack. But Rockets dont really have a need for LO and Jarrett Jack isnt enough for LO.
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