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Default ISH Voteoff #1 (Who's smarter?)

Lamar Doom or SoCalMike?

Gencbiba or Brantoli?

Starface or White Chocolate?

Jimmy2K8 or Cannonball?

Rufuspaul vs. JtotheIzzo

blasian or hito da god?

GeeWiz15 or I seen hippos?

stewen12 or Phar?

gts or Zen?

brwnman or bigboi_baller?

Boozehound vs. DeuceWallaces vs. RedBlackAttack?

Psileas vs. Posts Penyeach?

Gencbiba or ALBAlla?

ElPigto or poorlilrich?

JayGuevara vs. VCDAPTW?

LJJ or Pete's Montreux?

Bean or KBlaze?

baseketball4life or Maniak?

Corky McBiff or BULLS?

mlh1981 or GoBB?

canadianballer vs. Doctor K?

StroShow4 or V-Unit?

vapid or Kwajo?

Bold choice and explain.

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