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Default Re: ISH Voteoff #1 (Who's smarter?)

[quote]Lamar Doom or SoCalMike?
uhhh dunno either enough to comment

Gencbiba or Brantoli?
bratonli is just another asian Rockets fan

Starface or White Chocolate?
brings entertainment, close on though cuz WC knows his NHL

Jimmy2K8 or Cannonball?
Don't really know Cannonball but I know Jimmy2k8 is a moron

Rufuspaul vs. JtotheIzzo
equal I think, if rufuspaul is who I think it is

gts or Zen?
I always get gts and some other poster maybe is it gb8? mixed up

brwnman or bigboi_baller?

Boozehound vs. DeuceWallaces vs. RedBlackAttack?
Deuce knows his Red Wings, Deuce.

Psileas vs. Posts Penyeach?
suPerior P Poster Psileas over Posts Penyeach maybe he should buy some P hats.

Gencbiba or ALBAlla?
Gencbiba can't be in two can he? Ill take him in this one too though.

ElPigto or poorlilrich?
Another asian Rockets fan lmao. PLR IS THAT STUFF.

JayGuevara vs. VCDAPTW?
by default

LJJ or Pete's Montreux?

Bean or KBlaze?
blaze for his vids

baseketball4life or Maniak?
that buy plan kiyf

Corky McBiff or BULLS?
Bulls is brutal dont know corky mcbiff so tie

mlh1981 or GoBB?
the one and only

canadianballer vs. Doctor K?
sicker name, dont know Doc K also

StroShow4 or V-Unit?
sick threads in NBA forum buy buy

vapid or Kwajo?/QUOTE]
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