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Default Re: ISH Voteoff #1 (Who's smarter?)

Lamar Doom or SoCalMike? Both are egotistical pricks. No winner here.

Gencbiba or Brantoli? Brantoli.

Starface or White Chocolate? One guy thinks weed doesnt make you hungry and the other is just a flat out moron....Pass

Jimmy2K8 or Cannonball? One is a hick from WV and the other is a racist....Pass

Rufuspaul vs. JtotheIzzo Izzo even though his love for Nash is alarming.

gts or Zen? GTS has shown some knowledge while Zen was part of the worst times in the OTC.

brwnman or bigboi_baller? Bigboi even though he is a stinge.

Boozehound vs. DeuceWallaces vs. RedBlackAttack? RBA

Psileas vs. Posts Penyeach? PP is a alias, a fraud while Psileas provides occasional insight in the NBA forum.

Gencbiba or ALBAlla? ALBalla is the less annoying serb.

ElPigto or poorlilrich? Elpigto seems clueless at times but to compare him to Poorlilrich is just insulting.

JayGuevara vs. VCDAPTW? JAY G. VCDAPTW is a bigoted moron who got exposed for being a fraud.

LJJ or Pete's Montreux? Dont know

Bean or KBlaze? KBLAZE. Gtfo

baseketball4life or Maniak? baseketball4life. He jokes around a lot but him at his worst is better than Maniak at his best.

Corky McBiff or BULLS? Pass

mlh1981 or GoBB? GOBB unless the discussion is about baseball or Bob Barker

canadianballer vs. Doctor K? Both complete morons but at least Docter K doesnt think hes smart.

StroShow4 or V-Unit? Stroshow4. V-Unit isnt even creative enough to come up with his own stories. He has yet to provide one good basketball thread. Stroshow4 is a rabid basketball fan and not as dumb as his persona would make you think.

vapid or Kwajo? Vapid is more book-smart while Kwajos imagination is a hell of a lot better.
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