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Default Re: ISH Voteoff #1 (Who's smarter?)

Lamar Doom or SoCalMike? -dudes got his sh*t together family-wise.

Gencbiba or Brantoli?- tough call, but I'll go with the gimmick just because it requires a modicum of thought.

Starface or White Chocolate?- Starface has his moments, both good and bad.

Jimmy2K8 or Cannonball?- Don't know Jimmy, but a sock puppet is smarter than Cannonball.

Rufuspaul vs. JtotheIzzo- Gotta be self-deprecating here. Jizzo has gotten the better of me more than once. He's fast on his feet and funny as hell.

gts or Zen?- even

brwnman or bigboi_baller?- don't know enough about either one

Boozehound vs. DeuceWallaces vs. RedBlackAttack?- The range of subjects that this guy is knowledgeable in is amazing.

Psileas vs. Posts Penyeach?-gotta go with the humanist here.

Gencbiba or ALBAlla?-Since I already voted for Genc, I'll go with the other gimmick.

ElPigto or poorlilrich?-Don't know poorlilrich.

JayGuevara vs. VCDAPTW?- Another tough one, but Jay's been on the money of late.

LJJ or Pete's Montreux?-Although Pete's got him beat in the movie dept.

Bean or KBlaze?-Don't understand Bean at all. Dude must be smart.

baseketball4life or Maniak?-don't know enough about these guys.

Corky McBiff or BULLS?-ditto

mlh1981 or GoBB?- his one-liners betray a well-read dude.

canadianballer vs. Doctor K?

StroShow4 or V-Unit?

vapid or Kwajo?

Don't know enough to have an opinion of the others. One big omisssion: RanierBeachPoet.
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