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Default Re: Melo hides in the team bus after another typical game in Detroit.

You know what I dont get about the OP, and some members here....

Wtf did you actually expect during this season when this trade went down?

This was CLEARLY, CLEARLY, CLEARLY a trade made for the future. I'd even go so far as to say Billups is not even in their long term plans for down the road.

The knicks have been together for about what....10-15 games or so, and you're ALREADY complaining? They havent had a training camp together. They havent filled out their roster yet, and people are already talking shit? Seriously?

What is it about people now, that demand instant satisfaction all of a sudden? "WE WANT RESULTS, AND WE WANT THEM NOW!"

Like I said, this is a move done to set up the pieces for later on down the road. I expect the roster to be further played with during the offseason, and a few more additions done here and there. Expect a nice season next year.
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