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Default Re: Report: BOTH New Xbox and PS4 Will Be Shown At E3

Originally Posted by bdreason
Microsoft is going for the casual gamer (Kinect/Smartphone market). The next Xbox will not be the choice for the 'hardcore' gamer in my opinion.

Playstation will become more 'casual' friendly as well, but they will remained more focus on 'core' gaming. Thankfully Sony didn't have the success with motion gaming that Microsoft or Nintendo did.

We've seen what Nintendo's next gimmick is.
I'm really glad the Move has been huge flop (critically, at least). But like you mentioned, I am a bit worried about the Kinect. It's a neat technology but not one I'd ever want to play video games with. In the end, as long as one of these companies creates something for the hardcore gamer that doesn't suck, I'll be happy.

Are there any new disc formats on the horizon or should we expect DVD and Blu-Ray again? A big part of my decision between the 360 and PS3 was Blu-Ray and basically having a full media system.

The console market is ready for a new step. These machines really haven't changed since the introduction of the original Xbox Live. Which will be over ten years ago once these new machines launch. Nintendo is trying to bring a new dimension to gaming, but failing horribly. MS and Sony need to step up.
I agree but I think it will be more along the lines of the tweaks and improvements I mentioned. I can't see a radical change like motion gaming with the Wii was. Better online integration in some form will be a big thing.

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