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Default Re: What do you think happens after death?

Originally Posted by ikoiko
atheists do not claim to have answers for everything. we are simply looking at the evidence and saying wow, an overwhelming majority of the evidence points to the conclusion that there is no god or gods watching over us.

the great thing about the scientific method is that it cannot make claims which it has no evidence for, in contrast to religion, which can just make explanations up, claiming magic did it.

that is why scientists are still trying to figure out the first cause of the universe, where consciousness comes from, et cetera.
but it doesn' all

plenty of scientists are theists that see that as the ILLOGICAL way of thinking...that everything here just came from nothing

"Gods watching over us" ...that is wording it in a silly way that makes it seem be a theist you don't have to literally believe in an old man in the sky with a grey beard
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