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Originally Posted by Nanners
I dont recall saying that Dallas should be using draft picks on receivers last season, but I do recall pointing out Dez's obvious decline several times.

Anyway, I am not saying the Cowboys need to *be* Seattle, I am just saying that Seattle has the type of team structure I think they should be building towards. Seattle had a forgettable defense until Pete showed up and they sunk a ton of picks into that side of the ball (and had some amazing luck). There is nothing stopping the Cowboys from drafting a team full of good defensive players.

The Cowboys offense in 2016 was one of the best in the league, but one year later in 2017 they were soundly mediocre. What gives? Aside from Zekes partial suspension, those two Dallas teams were nearly identical. Why were the Cowboys so much better in 2016 than 2017? I dont think it was because of Dez...
A good part of it was Tyron Smith's injury. His replacement(s) was a absolute joke and Dak was giving player's career sack days.

That's why we drafted OL in the 2nd round...our line is elite, but the depth there is...there isn't any depth

Last season we found out how much value Tyron Smith has...when the opposing team's stud edge rusher is a non-factor, that's a huge difference. We tend to take that for granted until suddenly it's gone.
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