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Default Is This Possible?

Kobe to Phoenix for Shawn Marion (Suns are looking to unload him anyway) Boris Diaw, 2 first round draft picks this year and 1 next year(The one next year is likely to be high say top 12?) I mean doesn't that work out well for everybody? Phoenix gets a guy they can go to when they're being suffocated by defense, L.A. gets two quality starters out of it and can add to their depth with the 2 drafts picks and Kobe gets to contend immediatly, not to mention play for a coach he really admires and the best point guard in the league. Kobe would average the best numbers of his career with the Suns, So why wouldnt this work? I know a lot of you will say that L.A. wont trade with Phx because they are in the division but i mean isnt that kind of minor? its only 4 games. The talk about trading to NY seems foolish to me, Kobe would be in the same if not a worse position than he is in right now. The trade to Chicago is a possibility but i mean Chi-Town would have to trade at least 2 of their starters and quite possibly their pick, that leaves a big big big gap in Chicago, and again would Kobe or Chicago really be better off? I'm really just curious as to what you all think are the chances that Kobe goes to Phx.
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