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Default Re: Dwane Casey repulsed by even the thought of tanking

Originally Posted by raptorfan_dr07
Seriously considering not being a fan anymore if we don't get a top 5 pick, if Bargnani, Calderon, and Kleiza are still on this team next year, and if BC is not fired. I'm not even joking. I've been a fan and supported this team for 12 years now. I'm just repulsed and disgusted by this team right now, more so than I've ever been. More than the Babcock years.

This team has failed miserably with Ed Davis who I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves Toronto either by trade or FA and becomes a valuable piece for another team, much more valuable than Bargnani could ever be. This was supposed to be a year of development and gearing up for a potential game changing talent to pair up with Jonas next year. Instead guys like Davis and Bayless get cast to the side and guys like Bargnani and Calderon get tons of minutes so we can build a "winning culture".

God I hope Jonas turns into a superstar franchise level talent because at this point, that's about all that we can look forward to in the future.

exactly my feelings. extremely frustrating being a fan of this franchise. The only way this team will change anything is if there is a massive boycott of the raptors. People need to stop showing upto games and watching games on tv. When the ratings and seats go emtpy, thats when management will understand. As of right now, there are enough clowns supporting the foreign ensemble on this team. BC is a marketing genius. He put a bunch of foreign players on the team in the past, and people of all colors watched the team. All he is missing is an Indian player. Get an Indian on this team and we will have an extra billion people supporting this team. Get a chinese...that puts us at 2 billion more fans!!
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