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Default Re: New era coming for Charlotte Bobcats?

Nice thread Spectre.

1. Fact or Fiction: Walker will become the starting PG in his rookie year.
Fact. I see DJ starting at first with Walker coming up pretty quickly. I can see them playing at the same time too.

2. Fact or Fiction: Michael Jordan is the right owner for the Bobcats.
Fact. At this point he seems like the best fit. The Cats are doing a lot more in the community and trying to involve season ticket holders and sponsors. The hiring of Cho was a great coup imo. It remains to be seen but if Jordan uses his influence as well as wallet to attract some big time FAs next year then he most certainly is the right owner. Also his decision to fire Larry Brown took some major cajones and was ultimately the right move to make.

3. Fact or Fiction: Jordan could beat any Cats player in one-on-one.
Maybe 10 years ago.

4. Biyombo and Walker aside, does Charlotte have any keepers?
Henderson, Augustin and DJ White.

5. Fact or Fiction: The Bobcats are now on the right track.
Fact. We can't sustain a team in Charlotte that's going to be at the cap but only a 1st round loser in the playoffs.
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