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Default Re: Ish Official Fit-club

Originally Posted by NotYetGreat
^ StrongLifts by Medhi? I haven't tried it, but a simple diet of sets of 5 reps with continually progressing strength is a no-fail solution I think. Reading Pavel's work has convinced me that there is rarely any need to go over 5 reps in your main, heavy lifts.

Just hit 170 lbs for 2 reps in the Front Squat @ a bodyweight of 165 lbs. It doesn't sound like THAT much but I think you'll find it much harder to FS the same weight you usually do on the Back Squat. Feels good.
Yeah. I finished my second workout today. He recommended to start 45lbs for squats and bench, but I increased to 55lbs. Too light, IMO. My target for the first month is 110lbs for both. Decreased deadlifts to 80lbs cuz I have a hernia. Plans for the second and third month is put on hold cuz I might not make my target.

You're doing isolations?

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