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Originally Posted by D-Wade316
Yeah. I finished my second workout today. He recommended to start 45lbs for squats and bench, but I increased to 55lbs. Too light, IMO. My target for the first month is 110lbs for both. Decreased deadlifts to 80lbs cuz I have a hernia. Plans for the second and third month is put on hold cuz I might not make my target.

You're doing isolations?

Nah, when I say main lifts, I mean the lifts I use mainly in the name of strength. I mean, I also want to build muscle while doing so, but it's more of 80% for strength gains and 20% hypertrophy gains. Stupid and unorthodox reasoning, but yeah. In my other movements though, I still try to go as heavy as possible, but even if I go heavy there, the way I carry it out is mainly for hypertrophy. For example, this past program I did, my main lift was the Hang Power Clean, where I used the usual set method and worked up to a challenging but not balls to the wall 1RM of 155 lbs. My other movements consisted of Push Presses, Weighted Chin-Ups on TRX, and Weighted Push-Ups, but on each of these movements, I spent 5-7 minutes per move doing a ladder of 1-2-3 to ensure quality of reps. While I also moved up weight here, my goal for these 3 lifts were mainly for building armor.

Well, I've finished another 5-week shindig and it's time for a complete week of rest. My mind and body's already excited for the next mountain to conquer. Since rezz posted progress pics, thought I might too. Probably not as impressive as he is, but I'm pretty damn proud of how far I've come compared to the skinny-fat dude I was before. Crappy quality pics though.

And yes, my face actually did look like that.
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