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Default Re: Knicks play much better without Billups - Coincidence or not ?

Originally Posted by Rameek
Now its Billups fault the Knicks are losing...

Was this a thread made because of the Fan/1050? Been listening to this stuff since Billups been back. They have to make shows based on entertainment and things to talk about.
Well,it surely isn't only his fault but he plays really bad and he is one of the main reasons for our struggles.
I don't think it's a coincidence that we play much better without him.
He doesn't attack the basket,he doesn't find open teammates.
That leads to contested shots which leads to less percentage of makes and therefore less points made.

I don't know what is Fan/1050 because obviously I'm not from the USA.
I just noticed that we suck with Billups in the game and went to to check stats.
I found out that our 3 best players are shooting much better when Billups isn't playing.

Maybe he is injured,maybe he just sucks.

But he has been terrible lately and you don't need to be something special to see that.

But I still blame D'Antoni the most.
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