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Default Re: /what are the odds that Kobe joins the Clippers?

Originally Posted by daily
Pau came to LA in 2008, if you're going to recite history to back up your half baked thread at least get the f*cking facts straight.

also 2007 not 2006 was when Kobe was screaming for a trade on the radio for a couple days, Mitch saying OK done deal go to Chicago right before camp opened and Kobe vetoing the trade.

The fact is as bad as that season before had been when he had a chance to bolt he didn't.

Pau came along later 2008 trade deadline after the lakers were already winning but after Bynum went down
Yeah the timeline makes sense when you think about. 2006 Lakers get their ass kicked in game 7. 2007 Kobe starts complaining that he might abort ship if things don't change. 2008 they get Pau Gasol so Kobe decides to not chase a winning team.
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