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Default Re: Predict the busts


Danilo Gallinari-The New York media will make him the posterchild for the Mike D'Antoni era and his poor group of teammates along with the limited playing time he'll receive at the 3 wih Q,Balkman,and Chandler will eventually ruin his confidence and he'll probably be traded elsewhere.

Michael Beasley-Too much is expected of him to translate his college game to the NBA but rarely does that happen.Beasley's a slow footed selfish PF with a basic post game and poor court vision.Beasley also has questionable work ethic which you can tell just from an interview that he either sounds tired or he doesn't seem to have that "extra it" to become a better player.He'll be considered a bust in the media's hype for him but 16/8 sounds like his career averaged.

Russell Westbrook-Undersized SG without the ability to create his own shot that will be used as a PG in Seattle but he lacks the instincts and court vision to be a PG and doesn't have the strength or the ability to alter shots with his 6'7 wingspan against anybody who drives to the basket.Undersized slasher SG's never make it in the NBA.

JaVale McGee-Washington has a poor track record of developing potential in the post and McGee's poor workouts have shown that he is not ready physically to play in the NBA and he'll probably end up as a young developing big man with a 3 year plan attatched to his name but he probably won't develop much after 3 years and be traded.
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