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Default Re: Suns trade Thomas, 2 future 1sts for TE, 2nd

It must be getting really frustruating being a Suns fan. This is a horrible deal and is only to avoid the tax. They had little depth to begin with, and have moved Thomas and Jones already this year. They gave away TWO #1 picks! Don't say that they are late 1st round so who cares. PHO has sold away many a quality player taken in the late 1st round in the last couple years.

As for the trade exceptions, I could be wrong, but I don't think they can be combined and I actually don't think they can be part of a package. Sounds weird I know, but that is how I believe it works, so they aren't as special as they sound. Again, I could be wrong.

Since the Suns owner is screwing the team to avoid the tax, I doubt they will use the TEs to add players (Salaries) because they would have just kept Jones and Thomas if that was the case.
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