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Default Re: Suns trade Thomas, 2 future 1sts for TE, 2nd

Nah, I've got a lot of experience with TE's in the Hardwood Heaven mock offseason. They can be combined (unlike many other cap exceptions), and while they can't be used in a large package they can be used in a 1 for 1 trade of players to make up the difference (ie one 15 mil player and 10 mil TE can be traded for one 25 mil player, but you can't put multiple players together to add up to 15 mil, then add the 10 mil TE, and get a 25 mil guy)

Both Thomas and Jones were overpaid, more than 11 mil combined for the 8th/9th guys in the rotation at best. There are def. cheaper options out there that are just as effective in such small roles. Don't get me wrong, if we had them for half or a third as much money combined it would be indefensible giving them up, but considering they were costing 22 mil after the tax it's a smart move to get rid of them. Much better than giving up a guy like Marion in a pure cap move

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