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Default Re: Suns trade Thomas, 2 future 1sts for TE, 2nd

So your criticism is of... what reporters say the Suns will do? That they "won't" use the TE? The fact is it's way too early to judge that. Instead of pretending you are some sort of psychic and bashing the Suns for what you think will happen, you could be reasonable, have some patience, and pass judgment on this deal after we see if they actually use the TE.
I started off my critique of the move saying it could be a huge move, or a huge waste. Until we have all the facts there is really no way to KNOW which it will be. Maybe the TWolves decided their best bet with KG was to move him for Marion and the ATL pick, but they didn't want to take Kurt's expirer to cover the difference? Maybe some team was willing to talk S+T to let the Suns land another bench guy at a more reasonable price, but the Suns needed enough TE to make it happen cause that team didn't want any salary back? Maybe they have no plans to use the TE at all, and they think their stellar top 7 will get enough help from Banks or the rookies to fill out a solid rotation? Maybe they have no plans at all and Sarver will sell every contract and draft pick he can? The point is, nobody knows, and claiming the "Problem is they won't use the TE" is just naive. Just because all the reporters you have read don't expect the Suns to use the TE doesn't make it a fact. Even the best reporter cannot know what the plans of NBA GM's are for sure; if you get a direct quote from them you can't know if they are telling the truth, saying what the fans want to hear, or maybe even purposely spreading misinformation.
Just because the team didn't want to spend 16+ mil to keep KT on the bench for 1 year doesn't mean they aren't willing to spend 20% of that for a similar role player (PJ Brown maybe? is he still unsigned?)
As for Jones, yeah he has started for stretches. He is also a roleplayer who brings mostly jump shooting with a little D, and he shot .368 from the field and .378 from 3 last year. Considering just about every single shot he takes is wide open, there are hundreds of players who could have been at least as good given the same role. This trade has opened a roster spot, summer league standout Otis George looked like a bigger stronger version of JJ, it's a safe bet he could probably replicate those mediocre results. Jones was force fed playing time all year despite some horrible stretches because D'Antoni was trying to establish a regular role for him.

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