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Default Re: Arkwardest/Embarrasing moments that ever happened to you?

Originally Posted by Nilocon165
In one of my classes I'm seated in a position where my friend is somewhat far from me and it's hard to tell whether he's talking to me or his girlfriend. He looks in pretty much the exact same direction for both of us. This has obviously led to a ton of times where I've replyed or gestured back to him when I wasn't even the one he was talking to.

It's happened a lot and sometimes I just assume he's talking to his gf and look away and he's just like "Colin wtf"

Obviously not the most embarrasing moment of my life (that's earlier in this thread) but it's happened multiple times and this thread came to mind.

I'm pretty much the king of social awkwardness tho so I'll post when I think of more moments.
i can see that being awkward lol. just ignored him during class for now.

i have a story to share, i went with my brother to pick up his daughter (my niece) from kindergarten. my bro was upset because i got some digits from one of the mothers waiting to pick up her daughter from kindergarten also. anyhow, i called the mother to schedule a date with her daughter, except she originally had given me the number bc she thought i was interested in her, not the daughter. so awkward.
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