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Default Clippers To Play In Vegas Impact League Together

Las Vegas summer league is alive and well after all.
Sort of.
While the NBA's official summer league was canceled in July as a result of the lockout, more than 50 players will be descending on Sin City to take part in a league at Impact Academy, starting on Sept. 12. And while the labor gap between owners and players means an actual season is likely still many months away, the Vegas session that was first reported by Hoopsworld will have the feel of an unofficial training camp for a number of teams.

According to Impact owner and renowned trainer Joe Abunassar, the Clippers' Blake Griffin, Mo Williams and Randy Foye came by last week and expressed a desire to enter the league with a team made up solely of their teammates. Oklahoma City center Nazr Mohammed is trying to convince Kevin Durant, James Harden and others to do the same, while Indiana's Dahntay Jones and Denver's Al Harrington are making similar pitches to their respective teams.

Bledsoe, Jordan, Gordon and Aminu being the other 4 players and I'm happy. Or even Rhino instead of Aminu/Bledsoe is fine as well.

I just love how Blake and Mo Gotti are putting together work outs and other things for the team. When the season tips off, I expect the Clippers to have among the best team chemistry in the league as a result of all these work outs and the such.
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