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Default Re: Vince Carter makes massive donation to UNC

First, I've been a huge Vince Carter fan throughout his NBA career, so I'm happy to see him make a contribution to a cause he found to be worthy. I think we can always be like "Pish, call me when he donates to starving children in Africa." But I'm cool with him sharing a portion of his large sum of money with something that is close to him (the North Carolina community). His donation will seemingly ease the financial burden amongst whoever was originally slated to cover $2.5 million of that cost. So I think it's a pretty cool gesture. Even for millionaires, $2.5 million is a lot money.

It probably goes without saying, but when I think of Vince Carter, I think of his spectacular dunks. I wasn't even a fan of his in college. As far as I knew, he was just Antawn Jamison's wingman. But the minute I saw that double pump reverse against Chris Mullin and Indiana his rookie year, I was hooked. It was a strange play because essentially I'd never seen anything like it. From there on out, for the following ten years, I was watching Sportscenter highlights whenever possible just to see what new, insane dunk he may have executed the night before.

I don't know how much he has left in his tank though. It's weird to see him still dunking with such ease (particularly in the offseason). It makes me think there's still something left. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I still hold out hope every night that he might provide a flashback finish.
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