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Default "State you position on the Knicks" thread

Just what the title says.

In an effort to compile positions of the team into one thread vs having every thread say the same thing.

I'll start....

My only issue with the team is it's reluctance to make the "high risk" move.

I'm not talking about matching an offer for Lin type move, but a true game changer.

Over the course of years teams have made those high risk game changer moves, and have been rewarded for such.

The Lakers are notorious for it, and just did it again

The Bulls have done it, and may be about to do it again.

Pistons did it, and most recently won a ring doing so.

Mavs did it, and seemed poised to do it again.

It's not even acquiring any said player, but setting yourself up to acquire a said player or players.

I've yet to see the Knicks do so.
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