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Default Re: "State you position on the Knicks" thread

Alright, here's what I think.

The Knicks needed to take an "Out with the old in with the new" type stance on this off season. Which hasn't looked like the case so far.

We need to stop signing guys like Baron Davis, Mike Bibby and Jared Jeffries. Even Jason Kidd...I'm not a fan of that signing.

The one older player however that I would make an exception for is Camby. In my opinion he's an ideal fit as a back up big man for this team. Not because of experience or what ever. He can still contribute.

After bringing in a guy like Camby we would need to secure our SG position because Shumpert will be out until around January.

Bringing back JR Smith seems like a good step. But I would also want to bring in a guy like Gerald Green for all of the reasons Franchize said. He's fairly young, has some good athleticism, and is hungry. He's pretty versitile too and can play the 3 so when Shumpert does come back he can slide to the back-up 3.

Novak was an asset shooting the ball off the bench last season during the regular season so I would bring him back cheap. If he gets a pretty expensive offer though....I would bring back Shawne Williams.

As far as PG goes, obviously we match Lin but then we need to be in the market for a back up. This is tricky because we obviously have limited cap room at this point. Obviously I want Sessions but he would probably be too expensive and would probably be looking to start. Jonny Flynn might be a good guy to give a shot and I think we could get for cheap. Another RFA who might have come available recently is Jerryd Bayless.

Hypothetical Roster:

Shumpert/JR Smith

I'm not really comfortable with Novak actually backing up Stoudemire. If STAT goes down he shouldn't get the start so looking for a back-up PF would be ideal. Anthony Randolph would be perfect but probably too expensive. Not sure on that front.

The reality s we have Kidd and hes taking up alot of money. We can S&T for Camby as well.

Is there anyway realistic way we can still bring back JR and bring in Gerald Green while finding a way to bring back Anthony Randolph. Seems impossible at this point but it would add some good depth.
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