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Default Re: "State you position on the Knicks" thread

Our offseason
Draft a foreign play who wont play this year.
Pay a 39 year old hasbeen pg 3 mill a year for 3 yrs.
Give a 38 year old C who still can rebound and block shots a 4 yr deal.
Re-sign a talented but ignorant SG for about half of what he's worth
Sign a dunk contest guy from overseas who played pretty well out there
Add a guy who was the 7th best player on his college team to your practice squad because he's a brother of your sg.
Add Doc River's lesser talented son to your Summer League team
Add Mychal Thompson's lesser talented son to you Summer League team
Offer contract to a 35 yr old pg from the Spanish league

Rumored moves
50/50 chance we match Toronto's offer.
Trying to sign 33 yr old journeyman (Mo Evans)

All in all however, I think we are a better team than we were last year. Kidd, while I hate the signing, is better than Bibby. We finally have a real backup big man. James White is intriguing. Smith was a huge bargain. D'Antoni is gone. Lin has an extra year of experience and we'll have a training camp.

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