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Default Re: feb 18 trades breakdown

Originally Posted by Jasper
Ahh who ???
check the roster

Everyone is in agreement that Ray Allen is basically good for about 25 minutes.
So I have to think if an elite team picks him up cheap and makes a run at a ring , Ray ray will probably retire after the 2010-11 season.

BUT I know for a fact Ray really liked Milwaukee and it would not be unrealistic to think that Ray lands back in Milwaukee and divides the minutes up with John S.
-- who knows maybe Redd may come back and beable to play 20-25 minutes a game as well.
Refering back to my previous post , this would mean the Bucks would only need to acquire a pure PF starter.

Rickie Weeks, of the Milwaukee Brewers. That is who he was talking about, right? Anyways, I would love it if Ray came back to Milwaukee.
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