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Default Re: Thanks Minnesota for the #1 pick in the 2012 NBA draft

Originally Posted by FireMcFailPlease
they didnt select kanter. who apparently all of a sudden is the rim protecting 7'0 center we've waited all of our lives for.

Except the problem is, Derrick Williams is much better than Kanter (at least right now). Why take Enes Kanter just because you need a center? There are plenty of centers in the league, and if all else fails, we can play Kevin Love at center with Beas at PF, Williams at SF, and Wes at SG. Derrick Williams is simply too good to just pass on for a positional need.

And if you want a 7'0 rim-protecting center, keep Darko. He's really good at defense, just not so great at offense. Not to mention that Kanter is not at all a good defender (I think), his real strength is offense.

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