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Default Re: Are the Bulls even trying to trade for Carmelo?

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
I think you're being too harsh on Melo, but obviously that's your opinion. He's matured a great deal since the point in time I would classify him the way your describing him. This year I've seen him play harder on both ends of the floor than any other point in his career. He's scoring, he's rebounding the ball, he's going hard defensively and he's being a leader out on the floor.

I would disagree that the Knicks were better off before. Sure they were young and exciting at times (partly because of D'Antoni's run and gun type offense and with the players they had fitting into small ball type offense, but they weren't winning anything with Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari. Also with that being said the Nuggets continue to be an average team who will never be true contenders with their current make up.

Sure Melo doesn't have a championship, but he always carried that Nuggets team to the playoffs and the Knicks had a pretty good year last year. This year obviously they haven't met expectations, but a lot of that is due to injuries, suspensions, off the court issues and other players not matching what they were supposed to put up. Melo has done his part.

Melo is at the point in his career where he wants to win not only more games but championships. He's never had a good enough team around him, he's never had a good locker room, and he's never had a good well rounded coach with an emphasis on defense. A lot of the things he's criticized for is a result of his environment being the coaches he's had, the teammates he's had and the organizations he's been a part of. In my honest opinion the combination of Melo getting older and wiser with being included into our organization with our coaching staff and our roster of players would do wonders for his personal game, advance his team game and benefit the rest of the roster.
Im tending to side with Crystallas here. The Denver team he was a part of was pretty good, And they REMAINED good when he left, til this year where they let Iggi and George Karl walk.
All this talk about Melo being older and wiser etc... I don't see it.
Is he really well rounded?
Good rebounder? Good defender? Good passer? Good leader and locker room guy?
The guy is a great scorer, that is it, IMO. A player who is a better version of Rudy Gay minus the "charismatic smirk"... and the hoopla.
To me, I would try to focus of 2way players like Arron Afflalo
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