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I used to Smoke Herb daily since I messed up my knee and can't jump like I used too. I guess I used it as a excuse to control my anger. Stop smoking Aug 28 and like a week later I started going on ISH Forum It's like an anti drug for me, I love reading everyone post, sad I know.
Bad thing is after I stopped smoking I started drinking more every other day. Liquor store has Budweiser 24 oz cans 5 for $5 and they don't charge me tax.
And I always seem to finish them. I also love Heineken mini kegs that are 20 bucks, best tasting beer. I can drink it all in a 5hr period. I used to buy Mickie's but I haven't bought it in a while.
I smoke cigs once a while but not often. I prefer Black Gold cigars but they don't sell them here no more. But when ever I feel like a smoke I smoke Al Capone's taste better to me.

Plus, why not make that weekly prediction game for Basketball?
Laker's and Suns!!! Laker's by 9!! With or with out Kobe starting!! Just my opinion!!
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