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Originally Posted by Darsh
B*tch please. Ive had heaps of friends turn into deadbeats because of the reefer. Instead of school they'd be all like, "i know ill just go hit some bongs and skip class this one time". Then they'd do it again and again and before you know it they had been either kicked out of school or failed their year because they were ridin on a magic carpet to McDonalds everyday instead of getting an education.

From there? You cant go to university (or college). You cant get a decent job. The friends you used to have dont like you anymore because your not the same person, your the slow stupid version.

Smoking kills brain cells too. So its not gunnu help with your college.

i've been smokin weed since grade 11. That was over 6 1/2 years ago! I'm not one of ur "deadbeat" friends that sadly let the drug take their life. My heads straight and i know where my priorities are. And in the future, I would appreciate you NOT refer to me as a *****. Come correct and educated.
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