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Originally Posted by Shark
I don't think Odom and Radmanovic will score so much, and it will be difficult to find a 2nd option, let alone a 3rd, in the roster.
I see a team with kobe (around 30 ppg) and 4 other players capable to go between 10 and 20 depending on opponents and cold/hot hand.
I expect Smush to improve (he was nearly a rookie last year) and Kwame to be able to average double digit points.
Odom will probably average 16 or so, while I think Radmanovic will get around 12-14, but with great up and downs.
My main concern is: will Odom-Rad be able to effectively play D agains other wings?
If so, we can make a deep playoff run, if not, we're in trouble.
About the bench, I don't expect much from Williams, I think the backup at 1 will be Sasha/Farmar/Pinnock (in order of prob). Evans will be a solid backup at 2 (but can be also used together with Kobe), Walton/Turiaf/Cook the backup Fs, Mihm the backup C. I hope some room can be found for Bynum to improve, and I expect the Lakers to use the NBDL a lot more then last season, as now they own the D-fenders.

I agree that kobe will be averaging around 30 points and if he averages any higher than that, it will only reflect on us not having the consistant scorers that's needed to aleviate the scoring burden off of kobe. Odom has been consistantly scoring his career avrg 16 pts a game ever since he came into the league and if Lo doesn't increase his scoring output in his 3rd year as a Laker than odom would be considered no better than an avrg player that can't be motivated into upgrading his offensive game . If our other scoring weapon Radmanovic can't average more than 12 points a game (though that's around his avrg) than he would be no better than Smush (who I feel can avrg that) in scoring, and acquiring Rad wouldn't be too beneficial on prying away kobe's defenders considering the double teaming will continue to focus on kobe. If that's the case the Lakers will be in the same shoes after the post Shaq era of not having a real scoring threat outside of kobe which makes defending the Lakers to be an obvious one.
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