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Originally Posted by SoCalMike
Well, Odom can be a second option, but personally, I think he'd prefer to be a third option, so I get what the poster meant. Odom is an unselfish player and has no problem dishing the ball off. Unfortunately for Odom, in the Lakers scenario, he is the #2 option.

SoCalMike your response is right on the money when I questioned if Odom & Radmanovic can consistantly be OUR 2nd & 3rd scorers is exactly how it's meant. We know that neither LO nor Rad has ever been categorized as prolific scorers and by no means your prototype 2nd & 3rd options but in the
Lakers scenario they have to accept it despite Rads' 12 point career avrg as a role player. I can't see anyone else on our roster aside from Kobe that can outscore odom & Rad night in and night out, now the question remains IF Odom & Rad themselves are consistant enough to score on a nightly basis?
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